Freetime Indie Game Development on Linux using FOSS (Godot, Blender, MyPaint, Gimp, Inkscape, Musescore, LMMS, VSCode) without state of the art hardware.

My first to games were made with Unity3d (free editor for Linux though proprietary license). In my search for 100% Open Source, I’m now using Godot (MIT licensed).


Light the spark that triggers imaginaCtion while telling stories.


The Vision (to be written)


The first game I made was a simple translation of the gamebook idea. Was made in Basic programming language on an HP-86B green phosphor computer, back in 1986. Since then, I have been travelling from OS to OS, almost all versions of Windows, MacOS, BeOS and Linux distros from Slackware to Fedora, OpenSuse and finally, Ubuntu.

Now, after some time using Ubuntu, I ended up on Fedora Silverblue due to the immutable character of the distro, which I hope will ease the updating to new releases.

Back in 1986, making my first game on an HP-86B

Searching for game engines that would work on Linux distros and would not involve too hard of an installation and configuration process made me land on Unity3d back in 2016, which has a free editor for Linux too. As I try to do everything with Open Source Software, I ended up finding Godot Engine just by chance, when searching for BeOS again in 2018 and testing Haiku (the BeOS heir).

The fact that Godot Engine is Open Source helped to make the move to use this Game Engine in the following projects. Also, taking part in that decision was the availability of Godot Game Engine for Haiku operating system, though, as for now, it is barely usable for any project, and still no C# nor Mono support on Haiku platform yet.

I try to develop games in Linux using open source software for all the processes involved. The software i use to create the graphical assets of the game are Gimp, Blender, Inkscape and Makehuman, and audacity for the sound assets. Then everything gets together with the new Unity 3D editor for Linux.

Projects go slow, because I only work on projects on my spare time, which is not always as much as i would want. This fact slows down quite a bit the overall time invested on any project. You can check the blog to see how i am doing, or follow me on twitter.