Gamjectfolder, a first Gtk-Gnome app (from bash to flatpak)

A couple of years ago, back in 2016, actually soon it will be three years, I decided to start trying to make games using Open Source software on Linux. Now, in 2019, I have released two games, ARO and Roiny Froity. And while making ARO, the first one, I created folder structures again and again, for prototype, alpha, beta… Always the same task. Make a folder, then subfolders for this and that whatever, needed a folder for this and another for that… I ended up creating a bash script to just call the script and create the folders for me. Learned how to make that simple bash script and there it was, I could make the folder structure by typing a single command in the terminal:

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So I finished my 2nd (eeer 1st second) game.

Finally, on February 3rd, 2019, I released my second Video Game, Roiny Froity. Well, this is the second video game I have completed, though to be honest, I should count it as the first one again.

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The mistakes I made when I decided to make a game

Posted 2017.07.22

Why did I decide to make a game, and in Linux? This is the first question anyone may think of asking. Well, first of all, I wanted to make a Game entirelly on Linux. I failed. I had to use Acoustica Mixcraft on Windows for the soundtrack, other than that, every tool is Linux software, but we’ll get on that later.

When at High School, my art teachers said I had talent for art, my english teacher said I had talent for telling stories. At Music School, my guitar teacher said I had talent with the guitar, I just needed to spend more hours playing, though my sol-fa teacher always said I could not sing properly. Therefore, after many years, I wanted to put all these together and tried to make this simple game, that now is in beta-test mode, and hopefully, will be finished by August 1st, 2017.

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IM1-Workplace management

Posted 2017.09.30

This article deals with one of the most important issues regarding productivity, health, mood and, some may call it, feng shui 风水.

When working for a company there is nothing to do. Your seat comes pre-assigned and, most likely, there is nothing you can do about it. Very few care about people being left-handed, right-handed, window placement, table placement, air current, room temperature…. Moreover, many people think developers, of any kind, should be messy; the messier, the merrier, the more productive, the better developer.

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