roired meets godotengine

Last summer of 2018 I happened to meet Godotengine by accident, by chance, or by luck; never know.
Since that moment I’ve been quite curious about it, mainly because it is a Game Engine that can be used on Linux OSes, and also because it is Open Source.

Since then, I planned on moving to Godotengine as soon as I had my second game finished. Now that it is about to be completed, I moved my new development to Godot.

Godot 3.0.6 on Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 LTS – 3D proving grounds project

As almost every piece of software I use for game development is Open Source but Acoustica Mixcraft, it just made sense to use Godotengine. Also looks like I picked a good timing, as Godotengine 3.1 release is about to come out by the end of this January (2019), which means that I will be “starting” every new project with the new release.

In the mean time, what I am doing is practising with Godot elements and creating reusable scenes. The one in the previous image is just a “proving grounds” for 3D games. It will be the testing scene for movements, animations, and any other reusable asset I may think of.

Later on, I will keep adding posts regarding the usage of Godotengine with C# on Linux. As long as I don’t change development to GDScript. Who knows.