The more I dive into Game Development, the more I feel I need some tools to help me dealing with the different tasks involved in the whole process. Therefore, in January 2019 I started coding simple apps intended to “make my life easier” when facing these projects.

These “tools” are based on my own single experience as a pretended dev, for what I don’t have that much time. For proper project planning there are already good tools available, both free, open source and commercial.

This software, written in Python (PyGTK), which I just started to learn from January 2019, is and always will be FOSS, and is available through this page. and the source is also available through GitHub , and its sharing will improve as my knowledge on GitHub improves too.

Also I release the software as Flatpak. When I figure out how to release through Flathub I might do that. Though for that I presume this soft needs to meet at least some minimum quality standards. We will see.

All the software available here will be released under the GNU/GPL license.

GamjectfolderSimple app to create a default Game Project skeleton