Gamjectfolder is a simple app I created to automate and standardize the start of a new Game Project. I understand that this approach might be valid only to some, most likely single/solo indies.

It is based on my personal experience and needs at the moment, so take that into account when you use it.

Gamjectfolder v0.2.0

Gamjectfolder asks for:

  • Estimated Project End Date
  • Project Name
  • A Support Email
  • If we want to create a README.txt file
  • If we want to create a Project Management file
  • If we want to create a Godot Game Project file and,
  • A Parent Folder where to create the new project

What it does with this information is:

1- Creates a folder structure inside the Parent Folder to hold all project files, aux files (art, sound, translations,..), marketing, builds, project work (final, wip)…

Folders and files created by Gamjectfolder for a project codenamed Show

2- Creates (if the user opts to) a default README.txt file inside the “builds” folder. The purpose of this file is to be attached to the releases. This file does not include the Project Name, because I usually use a codename instead of the real name when starting the project, and the README.txt file will stand still until I make an “alpha”, then is when I fill that in.

README.txt file

3- Creates (if the user opts to) a default database file -SQLite- Show_plan.db in this case, to host all the project planning data. (This will be used by a next app project, so for now is of not much use, unless managed through DBBrowser for Sqlite)

Show_plan.db tables in DB-Browser for SQLite

4- Creates (if the user opts to) an empty project.godot file in the WIP folder which will be used by Godot to open as a real Godot project. This is a simple text file and only includes what appears in the following image so when opened with Godot, it properly gets the Project Name. Other info is not added because Godot developers recommend not to touch any info on this file

“just created” project.godot file for Show project before opening it in Godot
Godot Project List shows the newly created project with codename ShowWIP

When opening the project in Godot, it first notifies us that the “project” was created with an old version of Godot and that it will be converted to Godot 3.1 format. Just click OK and this is the “empty” result:

ShowWIP opened in Godot. Notice the empty FileSystem

And this is our project.godot file after it has been opened by Godot:

project.godot file after being opened with Godot

That is about it for what Gamjectfolder does. It will improve over time too. But for now it does what it does, and hope you can get some profit from it.

It is available on Github at the Gamjectfolder repo, and also available as a Flatpak at Gamjectfolder file.

Installing as a Flatpak asks twice for password as this app is not yet signed with Flathub.
Also, as it needs access to folders in order to create the folder structure and filesystem it has the –filesystem=host flag to allow the user to select whatever location the user pleases.